How to Prepare your NSSF Return

How To Prepare your NSSF Return Prepare payroll excel file (Download payroll template from Employer Self Service Resources page) Convert payroll file to NSSF return through Payroll Converter. Select the eConverter from Payroll to SF24 Option. Type in NSSF Employer…
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How to Recover Credentials

Forgot/Lost Password In case you have forgotten your password, click on the Recover Forgotten/Lost Password Credentials link then fill in the mandatory fields. Note: You must have activated your account to be able to reset the password.

How to Register to NSSF Self Service

Employer Pre-Registration Click on the Employer Self Service link For employers already registered with NSSF click on the Existing Employer eCertification link. For New employer (without prior NSSF registration number) click on the Employer Registration link. Complete the form displayed…
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Employer Account Activation

Employer Activation Once issued with a Pin Key from NSSF office, click on the Employer Activation link. Type in Username, Password, and Pin Key then click Activate to complete activation.

Employer Recertification

Employer Recertification If you have forgotten your Username or Password, click on the Employer Recertification link and re-enter the application details with a new Username and Password.