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Member Self Service Downloads

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Member Self Service FAQ

How to Register for New Members

For Member Pre-Registration

  • Click Member Self Service link
  • For members already registered with NSSF click Existing Member eCertification link. In case you don’t remember you NSSF membership number, visit the nearest NSSF branch for assistance.
  • For New member (without prior NSSF registration number) click Member Registration.
  • Complete the form displayed accurately.
  • Print the application notification and contact the nearest NSSF office for certification.
  • Contacts for the nearest NSSF branch are available on the same web page.

How to Activate for Existing Member Account

Member Activation

  • Once issued with a Pin Key from NSSF office, go to Member Activation.
  • Type in Username, Password, and Pin Key then click Activate to complete activation.

How to Certify for Existing Member Account

Member Recertification

  • If you have forgotten your Username and Password, click Member Recertification and re-enter the application details with new Username and Password.

How to Recover Credentials

Forgot/Lost Password

  • In case you have forgotten your password, click on the Recover Forgotten/Lost Password Credentials link then fill in the mandatory fields. Note: You must have activated your account to be able to reset the password

Top up your NSSF Voluntary Contributions

How To Top up your NSSF Voluntary Contributions

  • Pay via Mpesa, Paybill number 333300 quoting your full NSSF membership number, including leading zeros and the trailing ‘X’ character where applicable as the account number